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We have had the pleasure of working with Markley Technologies for more than three years as our corporate IT department; Chad and his team have been critical to our success!  Markley Consulting created our network system, negotiated our co-location with Cox Communications, networked five offices (including over 900 agents and their webmail access), networked four Department of Corporation governed escrow offices and connected our mortgage division which includes over 40 loan officers.
We are currently the 3rd largest real estate organization in Orange County and are rapidly growing in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  We certainly would not have had the chance to achieve what we have without the guidance of Markley Technologies.  

-Randy R.

Markley Technologies has been a great asset to our business. I have a full IT staff but there are times when it does not make sense to use internal resources. I have used Markley Technologies for both product research and tasks. They are aware of various options available and know how these options would fit into and affect my operation. Their availability to respond to emergencies has been more than I could hope for in complicated break/fix issues.

-Lynn D.

Markley Technologies is awesome! Chad, Terry, and the other engineers truly feel and act like one of our team. They are fun, relaxed, and extremely knowledgeable. More importantly, they are trustworthy and truly have our company's best interest at heart. 

-Diana M.

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