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Project Consulting

Whether you are faced with a special project too large for your in-house IT team, need to develop a custom internal business system, or are looking to upgrade but are overwhelmed by the many choices and technologies, our team can step in, ease your concerns, and provide the best solution.

Technology Review

Our technology review consists of a thorough analysis of your current technical office infrastructure, your business goals and growth, and reports of our findings. Best of all - this service is free.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization allows us to take a number of your aging servers and consolidate them into a SINGLE affordable new server. By replacing your physical servers with virtual ones, IT management is simplified, energy and cooling costs are cut and ultimately you save money.

Disaster Recovery

With our backup and disaster recovery service you can rest assured that your desktops, laptops, and servers are backed-up regularly and securely so your data will always be safe.

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