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Maintenance Plans

The prevention service provides regularly scheduled maintenance (a few hours every month) of computer systems and networks that, when proactively monitored, will reduce the exposure to many common problems keeping your business running smoothly.

Help Desk

When you contact our Help Desk online or by phone, we'll be able to securely interface with any computer in your office via the web and resolve most common issues.

24 Hour Support

Access to our engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If calling us after business hours is necessary, an on-call IT manager will respond to your need or emergency within one hour.

Managed Service

Nightly automated updates, updates, scans, and installations on all office computers/servers protects your office from harmful attacks and ensures your software is always up to date.

Remote System Monitoring

We continually monitor your systems and networks and are immediately alerted if there are any failures. We are often working on the fix before the user even realizes there is a problem.

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